Thirsty Thursdays: Creative Desires

All summer I have been thinking, I should paint that photo, I should draw that picture, I could scrapbook that idea…and while I got creative in some ways (making wedding photo collage, cards, birthday & anniversary presents) I didn’t sit down long enough to paint or draw.  This week I realized that it is because I expect myself to sit down, and get the project done in one sitting!  Now I’ve done this before but with my harried graduate school schedule I don’t think I can schedule more than an hour or two to do this.

So yesterday I made a commitment to set aside an hour a week to work on my next project (which is already created in my mind).  Can’t wait!  Can you relate?

Here’s a painting I did July 4, 2005 or 2006 when Jeremy still lived in Corvallis.

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