Thirsty for Creativity: Making Mundane Tasks Enjoyable

How might you find a way to make something that you see as mundane, more enjoyable?

For an instance, I’ve realized I leave lists for myself, and to save paper I often write and reuse paper.  However, I’ve noticed that once in awhile that paper gets hard to distinguish from the notebooks of paper I have for school or around the house- and I am in serious need of color.  This means that for a week I might change it up, and use colored paper – be it construction paper, leftover scrapbook paper, or colored sticky notes.  

Just adding the color in for a week helps me see these lists more colorfully!  And other times it just means maybe I start writing my lists with a colored marker or different colored pen.

I’ve noticed Jeremy does the same in regards to his computer.  He stares at it for a good portion of his work day, and then when he comes home I see him playing with the desktop art, or mixing music – to get the creative flow and to keep the mind from working all day and seeing the computer as a tool rather than work.

So my challenge to you is to find a way to find something that feels mundane, obligatory, or just plain “I don’t want to do it” – and use your creative side or your think outside of the box side- to make it more enjoyable.


Thirsty Thursdays: Finding Purpose

How do you spend each morning?  How do you find purpose in each day, each hour?

Are you grounded by the fresh air, the sounds of birds, music, the smell of candles or fresh laundry, the rise of the sun or moon, the laughter of friends?

Days can be so full of lists, news, calls, texts, emails, chats, I shoulds…..

How do you sift through that?  What do you visualize to find your safe place, the memories of better days?

I leave you with this thought:   “Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life.” -Tom Thiss

Thirsty Thursdays: Creative Desires

All summer I have been thinking, I should paint that photo, I should draw that picture, I could scrapbook that idea…and while I got creative in some ways (making wedding photo collage, cards, birthday & anniversary presents) I didn’t sit down long enough to paint or draw.  This week I realized that it is because I expect myself to sit down, and get the project done in one sitting!  Now I’ve done this before but with my harried graduate school schedule I don’t think I can schedule more than an hour or two to do this.

So yesterday I made a commitment to set aside an hour a week to work on my next project (which is already created in my mind).  Can’t wait!  Can you relate?

Here’s a painting I did July 4, 2005 or 2006 when Jeremy still lived in Corvallis.