Wacky Wednesday: Preparing for the Unexpected

Often times I’ve found Wednesdays are wackier than others.  They tend to be full of the unexpected.  For an instance today I was excited to get to my internship with minutes to spare – only to find out I had to stand outside for about 5 minutes because the front doors weren’t opened on time;  my 9:30am meeting got bumped to 10:30am; the potential client we have been looking for still has not been found; I got assigned my first recovery group to lead & facilitate; I’ll be preparing a proposal for holiday planning for families; my friendly cat decided she wanted nothing to do with the anti-flea drops today!

Wacky Sensei

Even today’s blog did not happen this morning as it has every other morning this week!

So how do I prepare for the unexpected or as I call it, the wacky?

Today’s focus is being flexible with myself.  I can be very flexible with others, but I’m not so great with being flexible with myself.  Here’s an example of how I addressed the unexpected.

The goal:  Get my blog done by 7:45am.

  1. Create more realistic goal:  Get my blog done when I get home from internship.
  2. Create steps to make 2nd goal successful
  3. Focus on the title and how to approach it
  4. Think about topic at lunch
  5. Eat dinner
  6. Write
  7. Celebrate the success!

If I focus on the success of accomplishing the goal, I start feeling a whole lot better about my ability to “keep on trucking” -despite the cone in the middle of the road that caused me to swerve a bit.  How do you prepare for the unexpected?

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