Illness and Grief

I find this work to be very fulfilling. As we look at the closing of the chapter of a person’s life,  life reviews can be a great instrument to use not only with the individual but also with family members — from sharing family stories, photos, and sentimental family heirlooms.  However, grief and loss also come in other forms.  A person loses their job, moves out of their community, is diagnosed with a disabling illness, is going through divorce and finds their self grieving a loss and often previous losses come to mind as well during this time.  Right now in particular, the world is experiencing grief and trauma related to the ramifications of COVID-19.  See my blog post titled, Through the Woods for my perspective on the ramifications of this during year one.  Unfortunately, I see the toll of this world wide experience only just beginning.

My most recent experience with clients experiencing grief and loss was when I worked at a local hospice agency as well as a local hospital in acute units as well as an inpatient rehabilitation unit.  I’ve worked both with individuals and families as they prepared for death.  After the patient’s death, I’ve met individually with their family members, as well as facilitated a grief support group while at the hospice agency.

My counseling techniques include talk therapy, solution focused therapy, problem solving techniques, cognitive behavioral techniques, life review, EMDR, as well as art therapy, creative writing, and journaling.

To learn more about my experience with grief and loss to schedule an appointment, please email me at joregonrose (at) protonmail (dot) com.

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