Tweens, Teens & Young Adults

Tweens, Teens, and Young adults ages 11 to 30 are part of a group who are moving through or beyond adolescence but are still often challenged by low self-esteem, body image, physical and hormonal changes, identity & vocational exploration, sexual issues, addictions, as well as the complications of relationships both familial, social, and intimate.  Often young adults are still facing the age old question- who do I want to be when I grow up?

My experience working with young adults includes includes a variety of settings, such as residential groups homes, at a local shelter for those without homes, in hospice, as well as in a local hospital and inpatient rehabilitation unit within a hospital.  This age group is a pleasure to work with particularly because they are coming into their own and experiencing life as a developing young adult who often want something more whether it be at school, in their jobs, with their partners, and often in the midst of family transitions (ie realizing the severity of parental addiction or mental illness or coming to terms with chronic illness or death of a family member while brain development is completing). While they may be nervous about their own individual paths, they are often willing to try new things and experience life in a way that I find refreshing.

My counseling techniques include talk therapy, solution-focused therapy, problem solving techniques, cognitive behavioral techniques, EMDR, ART, as well as art therapy, creative writing, and journaling.  I also provide education about brain development at this stage.

To schedule and appointment please email me at joregonrose (at) protonmail (dot) com.