Moving Nature In: The Power of Image

Moving nature in is about finding ways to connect to earth for strength, healing, and a sense of peace. The image I’ve often carried has been in forms of water, the warm water, the cold water, the sound of water…the smell. I had a coaching session with Lynda Monk and while talking with her a image of a tree was used. Since then I’ve realized how important that tree is for me right now. For grounding and strength. What nature images do you use?

Strengthening Connections: Ground Zero Ribbon of Hope

Today I came across this website recommended by a mentor friend of mine. I’d been trying to figure out how I might honor this weekend in the midst of attending two marriage celebrations and finishing a midterm. Reading this website and filling out my ribbon of hope message, I am reminded of all we have to continue to learn about love- in terms of loving one another as humans. I mean that deep, authentic, genuine, empathetic love and respect that I strive to give each soul I come across – no matter our differences of opinions, culture, spiritual beliefs, no matter the errors in our ways.