Moving Nature In: Remembering Bangkok

Moving nature in has taken me back to July 1996 when I traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to visit my friend Ta and her family. I say this because the outrageously huge city itself was not what I would call natural – in the sense that I was comparing it to what I knew having lived in the Pacific Northwest in America. However, this made it one of the most natural experiences I had really lived in my teenage years.

I started working at Bob’s Burgers Express when I was 15 years of age, so I could afford to buy my first car. And then my friend invited me to Thailand, and I thought – what the heck, I have nothing better to save for! This experience changed my life. Forever.

The streets were full of the sounds of horns, taxis, motorcycles, cars, buses, construction, people yelling, walking, running, and children everywhere. A mother sitting horizontal on a motorcycle with her baby in her lap, a toddler and his older brother on the street corner with their tin cup for the next meal, and my eyes, heart, nose, ears were soaking in everything. The humidity, the stench of street vendors/dust/people.

Have you been to the Grand Palace (Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang)?

Simplify Your Life: Removing Mental Clutter

What is mental clutter? It can be so many things: the daily tasks ahead, the tasks we didn’t do yesterday, the books I want to read, the photos I need to organize, the calls I need to make, the people I miss, the vacations I want to take, the home improvements I need to do, the weeds I need to pull, the report I must write, the hug I want…..the memories.

Yesterday I spoke with a dear friend, who had been watching coverage of stories from 9/11. She was touched by the people, the pain and her heart was heavy. We are encouraged to remember this tragedy, and by golly she was doing just that. After talking a bit about it, I said, it sounds like it might be time to stop watching that. She paused and then agreed. And then she focused on the fun she was going to have with her sweetheart as they would watch a local football game.

I use this example because I want to show the effects of mental clutter. You see this is a woman whose partner has been sick for six months, who is always grieving the loss of her youngest daughter, who has tales of a social worker that are heart bending, and a list of to dos that is likely much longer than I am aware of.

My challenge to you today, is to find a way to simplify your life, so that you are not so drawn in by the mental clutter that you can’t see beyond. It could be as simple as clearing or organizing the top of your desk. Or taking a break to breath and really think about what’s worthy of your attention that’s also healthy for your heart.