Thirsty Thursdays: Apocalyptica Chromatic Playing Cards

A month and a half ago I posted about a new editing project that I was working on called AfterEarth: The Fall. While it did not meet the Kickstarter funding goal we hope to make some changes and publish it again with a smaller funding goal to see if it will be successful.  However out of that project we came to find out there is an audience out there that really enjoys collecting and or using playing cards (perhaps you could say they have a thirst for this).  Since we had already been working with several artists for AfterEarth we decided to use a couple of them to get the playing cards going (originally they were also going to be a part of the AfterEarth project) and see if we could get funding for them separately while we worked out some of the details of the larger project.

We have been totally amazed by the overall enthusiasm for the Apocalyptica Chromatic playing cards and in just over 48 hours we are 71% of the way towards meeting our funding goal!  I’ve enjoyed helping research and set up rewards for the project, editing, submitting blurbs on different websites who highlight playing cards, and emailing hundreds of backers thanking them for their support (283 at the moment).  The other part of this project that I have enjoyed is that we have found a local company, Royal Awards, who is going to be creating steel cards and poker chips for us.  A very special thank you to Diego Candia who has been our main artist for these cards.  Image

Wacky Wednesday! AfterEarth: The Fall

It’s been awhile I know!  Part of me feels bad for not focusing in on Ignite, LLC, however with some reflection I know that in the long run completing my MSW is a dream I’ve had since at least 2000 & here I’m doing it.  In 7 months it will be completed and it seems I’ll be welcomed into the life of hospice social work.

This summer, Jeremy (my husband) was encouraged to complete a pen and paper role-playing game that he had created and played for years with some of his close friends.  Jeremy has a very creative mind and loves to write in the science fiction genre.  More than a few years ago he had shared a story he had written and I had edited it for him.  Initially I didn’t know that this was the story that was part of the role-playing game (RPG).  So while considering the encouragement of those that were hoping he’d complete and publish this game Jeremy began looking at Kickstarter projects, some of which were also RPGs.  After discussing this with me, I said, why not?  And because Ignite, LLC hasn’t been working on any serious projects as of lately it seemed like an opportune time for me to help see this project through (even if it is not successfully funded).

The wonderful thing about this project has been getting to edit a genre that is outside of my norm, working with some very talented artists who have helped design some of the initial artwork, and thinking about all the different types of products that can be offered through a project like this.  I welcome you, if you are so inclined, to come have a look:

Artist: Joe Tuttle (