Living with Grief and Loss

This week’s video covers grief and loss, another topic suggestion someone asked me to highlight.  I discuss the variety of feelings you may be feeling, how you might be coping, stages of grief, as well as tips for healing. I hope you’ll subscribe, comment, and send more topic ideas.

Photo Friday: Honoring A Little Angel

I met a baby this past August and found out she died this month.  As I reflect on the loss her parents are now encompassed with, I’m reminded of the severity of grief and pain our communities are in.  This baby’s death, I think will forever impact Ignite, LLC and the work I do in the world.  While I’m not quite sure how this will be entirely, I do know this baby has made a difference in my life.  May we all hold the light for one another.

Strengthening Connections: Sharing Resources

Today I want to talk about the essential need to strengthen connections. When talking with a former colleague of mine, who mentioned Greg Bell’s Oregon Public Broadcasting presentation last night, again I was reminded of the power of face to face contact. In this highly digitized world, we still need our circles of support and while the digital world may allow us to stay connected over miles, countries and time zones – staying connected to one another face to face is necessary.

The other interesting virtual connection I made, that actually benefited one of my face to face meetings was Celestine Chua’s free e-book on creating a bucket list. I think this topic is so important right now, as we are in the midst of our continual grieving with the many wars of the world, the deaths in Reno, the famine and heartache that exists every day. How do we REALLY live in the here and now?