Thirsty for Creativity: Making Mundane Tasks Enjoyable

How might you find a way to make something that you see as mundane, more enjoyable?

For an instance, I’ve realized I leave lists for myself, and to save paper I often write and reuse paper.  However, I’ve noticed that once in awhile that paper gets hard to distinguish from the notebooks of paper I have for school or around the house- and I am in serious need of color.  This means that for a week I might change it up, and use colored paper – be it construction paper, leftover scrapbook paper, or colored sticky notes.  

Just adding the color in for a week helps me see these lists more colorfully!  And other times it just means maybe I start writing my lists with a colored marker or different colored pen.

I’ve noticed Jeremy does the same in regards to his computer.  He stares at it for a good portion of his work day, and then when he comes home I see him playing with the desktop art, or mixing music – to get the creative flow and to keep the mind from working all day and seeing the computer as a tool rather than work.

So my challenge to you is to find a way to find something that feels mundane, obligatory, or just plain “I don’t want to do it” – and use your creative side or your think outside of the box side- to make it more enjoyable.