Starting Private Practice

Will have photos of new private practice office later this week.  Hoping to get my first clients set up as soon as possible!  My profile is on Psychology Today.  I will also be offering counseling via Skype for people who live outside of Lane County Oregon.  I’m excited about this new endeavor and hope you’ll consider referring someone for support.  Using a holistic strength based approach, I hope to support individuals, couples and families as they transition through major life changes from chronic illness, mental illness, death, trauma, divorce, or other challenges.

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Checking In

Ignite has been busy as the Apocalyptica Chromatics Card Deck Kickstarter succeeded so March has been a month full of filling orders for over 600 people and many trips to the post office!

I’ve also been wrapping up my last semester at graduate school, with less than a month of classes left I’m back to the crossroads – looking deeply at what my goals, passions, and what’s next?  This week I’ve had the opportunity to engage some coaching skills – helping a friend of mine meet her physical health goals.  She’s great at setting goals, but needed someone to hold her accountable.

Being the school geeks we are, I thought- why not create a special class just for her?  This means I built a tiny simplified curriculum, gave her due dates to check in with me where she has to write up her progress and then I provide her with feedback.

What I’ve realized doing this is that sometimes we can get so stuck.  For one, while the ultimate goal is to help her lose weight, what also needs to happen is for her to re-engage with her mind and spirit too (Deepak Chopra & Oprah right now are talking about this with a free meditation course they are providing).  Something I’m in the process of doing right now too; I get back to this place thinking – again?  How did I get stuck in these patterns again?  Back to writing in my journal, taking photos, calling my wider support system, working out, and eating healthier.

Strengthening Connections: Creating Your Bucket List

Celestine Chua’s 101 Bucket List has inspired me to think about my own bucket list.  Would someone like to work on theirs with me?  I would offer a free 20 minute phone call to start, and then we could email back and forth as we create ours together.  If you’re interested I’ll do this for $20 total.

Strengthening Connections: Sharing Resources

Today I want to talk about the essential need to strengthen connections. When talking with a former colleague of mine, who mentioned Greg Bell’s Oregon Public Broadcasting presentation last night, again I was reminded of the power of face to face contact. In this highly digitized world, we still need our circles of support and while the digital world may allow us to stay connected over miles, countries and time zones – staying connected to one another face to face is necessary.

The other interesting virtual connection I made, that actually benefited one of my face to face meetings was Celestine Chua’s free e-book on creating a bucket list. I think this topic is so important right now, as we are in the midst of our continual grieving with the many wars of the world, the deaths in Reno, the famine and heartache that exists every day. How do we REALLY live in the here and now?

Strengthening Connections: Ground Zero Ribbon of Hope

Today I came across this website recommended by a mentor friend of mine. I’d been trying to figure out how I might honor this weekend in the midst of attending two marriage celebrations and finishing a midterm. Reading this website and filling out my ribbon of hope message, I am reminded of all we have to continue to learn about love- in terms of loving one another as humans. I mean that deep, authentic, genuine, empathetic love and respect that I strive to give each soul I come across – no matter our differences of opinions, culture, spiritual beliefs, no matter the errors in our ways.