Wacky Wednesday: Perspective

Yep it was a wacky one. Today I focused on the tasks at hand at my field placement. Several times I went back to my desk to take notes and gather my thoughts. Each time I would look this portrait of me that my 5-year-old cousin drew for me I would smile. A little perspective gave me a feeling of thankfulness and a little chuckle that brightened the day.

Photo Friday: Honoring A Little Angel

I met a baby this past August and found out she died this month.  As I reflect on the loss her parents are now encompassed with, I’m reminded of the severity of grief and pain our communities are in.  This baby’s death, I think will forever impact Ignite, LLC and the work I do in the world.  While I’m not quite sure how this will be entirely, I do know this baby has made a difference in my life.  May we all hold the light for one another.

Moving Nature In: Remembering Bangkok

Moving nature in has taken me back to July 1996 when I traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to visit my friend Ta and her family. I say this because the outrageously huge city itself was not what I would call natural – in the sense that I was comparing it to what I knew having lived in the Pacific Northwest in America. However, this made it one of the most natural experiences I had really lived in my teenage years.

I started working at Bob’s Burgers Express when I was 15 years of age, so I could afford to buy my first car. And then my friend invited me to Thailand, and I thought – what the heck, I have nothing better to save for! This experience changed my life. Forever.

The streets were full of the sounds of horns, taxis, motorcycles, cars, buses, construction, people yelling, walking, running, and children everywhere. A mother sitting horizontal on a motorcycle with her baby in her lap, a toddler and his older brother on the street corner with their tin cup for the next meal, and my eyes, heart, nose, ears were soaking in everything. The humidity, the stench of street vendors/dust/people.

Have you been to the Grand Palace (Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang)?

Photo Friday: Wrapping Up the Week

It’s been a long week, and yet it has gone by quickly. I sit here this Friday, re-writing my list of goals for the week, re-prioritizing what I’d like to get done and what’s realistic. Another weekend will be spent working on a paper for school, walking with my friend, volunteering & doing homework at Fair Trade on Main, meeting up with Notes from An Angel, and helping out with the kids at Eugene Mennonite Church on Sunday. I still need to schedule in time with Jeremy, playing with the dogs, starting my drawing project, and sleeping somewhere in there!

To wrap it up, I’m thinking about the colors I’ve seen this spring and summer- and I leave you with this:

Moving Nature In: The Power of Image

Moving nature in is about finding ways to connect to earth for strength, healing, and a sense of peace. The image I’ve often carried has been in forms of water, the warm water, the cold water, the sound of water…the smell. I had a coaching session with Lynda Monk and while talking with her a image of a tree was used. Since then I’ve realized how important that tree is for me right now. For grounding and strength. What nature images do you use?