Now Providing EMDR

It has been awhile since I’ve updated this blog! I’ve so enjoyed opening my practice full time in 2020. This year has brought about may unexpected changes with COVID-19, protests, fires, and political strife. Many of my client have moved to teletherapy and we’ve all worked hard to digest this new way of living for now.

This past weekend I completed by basic training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy. I’m very excited about being able to utilize this approach which is a very different style from the more common talk therapies. This will allow me to work with people who are wanting to do some deep healing of past traumas and negative self beliefs. It is most commonly used for those challenged by PTSD but also it can be very helpful in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. I welcome questions about this new approach. Here is a short video that introduces EMDR.

While my practice is currently full right now, I do have a short waiting list that generally is about a month wait. With the holidays that may mean a little longer wait.

Please keep taking care of yourselves, and thank you to all who have entrusted me as your counselor.

New Updates for Ignite, LLC

20191004_144657This coming January 20, 2020 Ignite, LLC’s hours will fall Monday through Friday as Jasmine opens her private practice full time leaving the hospital setting.  What does this mean for current clients?  Saturdays will not be an option however Jasmine will be able to provide evening sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm and 6:30pm.  Jasmine will be attempting to get in network with additional insurance panels including Kaiser, Trillium, and Medicare (currently she is in network with Aetna, PacificSource, Providence, Optum, OHP, MHN, and Regence BlueCross BlueShield).  Jasmine will open a waiting list in December to start scheduling clients the week of January 20th.

Jasmine will be expanding her practice to focus on supporting health care workers, graduates working on licensure, and support groups including caregiver support groups, young adult, and teen groups (more information about these will be posted after the new year).  She will also start incorporating play therapy and more artistic therapy modalities.  Thank you to everyone for being flexible and as always, continue to take good care of yourselves!  fb_img_1570614857167

Ignite, LLC is celebrating over 6 years of private practice counseling/life coaching services.

17635441_925114810925122_5231406512144647996_oIn my gratitude practice I need to take note that I’ve been doing this for over 6 years now.  My BSW was completed in May 2001 and then I finally completed my MSW in May 2013~even then I hadn’t imagined being able to do what I do today!

Highlights over the last 6 years:
~Meeting so many wonderful people who are genuinely wanting support through numerous life transitions which bring about grief, pain, suffering~ all the while continuing to exhibit such resilience and courage;
~Completing my licensure; the hours of studying, supervision, and client care to get there was a feat I will never forget;
~Supporting teens and parents;
~Walking alongside couples working on relationships & communication;
~Young Women’s Empowerment Class & Vision Boards Groups & Young Women’s Retreat in Florence, OR;
~Talking about the hard stuff, celebrating the joys, and creating space for all of the emotions in between;
~Grief Support Group for Parents raising young adults after the death of a significant other/spouse;
~ And most recently moving to a new office space that is more versatile for individuals, families, and larger groups.

Tremendously grateful for all the support I’ve received over these last six years and looking forward to the years ahead!

My very best,


Ignite, LLC Transitions

It’s time to share some changes that I’ve implemented to my practice as well as how I envision the future of Ignite, LLC…..for now 🙂  I know, it has been awhile since I’ve blogged and it is something I have really missed!

This summer has been a really grueling for me.  As my clients know, I also work at a local hospital on the neurology floor and my officemate retired June 1 and instead of 16 cases to watch over and support I was given 36.  In August I had to move out of my office temporarily as they repair floors/patient rooms etc and unbeknownst to me I was given 4 more patients on the floor below me.

In early August I started reaching out to my own counselor again (David Thompson, LMFT), as well as my Dr. Justin Morse at Absolute Health Medical Center, Becky Howard, NP at the Oregon Medical Group, and more recently hooked back up with Sarah May, my acupuncturist.  I did these things because I found things were off both professionally, medically, spiritually and I experienced what I call extreme compassion fatigue which also looks very much like depression with situational anxiety.

However, there is a light at the end of this tunnel!  Oct 12th will be my last day on the 40 patient neurology floor and I’ll be training at an inpatient rehabilitation center for three weeks starting Oct 16th (average is a 14 patients).  I’m so excited to be getting the chance (again) to train for three weeks with a mentor of mine, Mardy Allen, who has been there for 35 years.  November 6th I’ll be given the honor of utilizing her knowledge~and implement my own in an environment much smaller than where I have been.

So what does this mean for my clients?  I’m working hard to protect my time to stay aware of letting go~ saying farewell to some very dear colleagues is rough!  Preparing for a new job, while exciting ~ also creates a different kind of stress.  Positive stress is still stress.  I’m also very aware the holidays are coming up so for some of my clients, they need to lean in a little more and I really need to make sure I am present for that~ but also for ME.  So I can be there for them.

Transitions are challenging ~right?  Ignite was born out of a stage of transition and grew in leaps and bounds!  I’ve loved this work and the creativity it brings to try new things, to gain new perspectives, to grow alongside some very precious, brilliant, and loving people.

In summary:

  • In honoring my time, I am honoring you so that I may create the most healing environment possible.  This means right now I am not accepting new clients until after the New Year.  I have a small waiting list (that will be integrated in as a few graduate but I have been clear about my intention to support them).
  • I’m asking for help.  This is empowering!  I’ve found some new mentors like Grand Master Lee at the U.S Taekwondo College; he’s challenged me to move from white belt to yellow belt by December 1.  I’m both excited and nervous, but he is wonderful and I can do this!
  • One thing I’ve started but have had challenges with finding a core group of participants is to create more workshops/classes/retreats.  The two that I have done have been really powerful (focusing on vision boards, gratitude jars, journaling, and female empowerment).  I’m hoping to create some more intentional space for this.
  • My next group will be a grief group that meets once a month for parents who have lost partners and are raising/supporting children (of any age) on their own.  I’m thinking a group of 4-5 participants.  Please email me if you are interested (joregonrose at protonmail dot com).
  • Lastly I want to say thank you!  With deep gratitude I feel so honored to walk alongside so many courageous people.  Know that I do this because it works for me.


Jasmine Rose Penter, LCSW


Happy New Year


As I reflect on 2017 I’m looking forward to what 2018 will bring.  I’m beyond honored to have welcomed new clients as well as continue to support some who have been with me since the start (September 2013 to be exact).  What I’ve noticed this year is a deeper understanding of the complexities of grief.  Grief has been one of my specialties – one of those topics I’ve always been comfortable thinking about and in my adult years have pursued looking at how to talk about when my own personal grief shook the very ground I was walking on.  I find the research on healing and trauma fascinating and continue to learn about the neuroscience behind this work (which I fell in love with as I completed my last stent in school).

This last year I put on my first Young Women’s Empowerment Class where I introduced gratitude jars, vision boards, and journaling as ways to pay attention to hopes and dreams, as well as barriers and challenges that get in the way of those very same hopes and dreams.  In February 2018 I’m putting on my first Young Women’s Retreat which will incorporate some of those same ideas however in a different setting~ at the coast in a cozy house where I find healing comes more naturally with the ocean air, the sound of the waves, the quiet, music, creations, and a whole lot of laughing.

So thank you, to everyone walking alongside me as we journey through this thing called life.

With Deep Gratitude,