A Season of Gratitude

Thinking of all my current and past clients and all that we have been through together. There have been so many stories of grief and suffering, joy and accomplishments, and the mundane in between. This year Ignite welcomed two babies of clients, a girl and a boy. We’ve enjoyed TikTok with Sully & Psy as well as our location on 10th and Charnelton right by the Eugene Public Library where we have been for almost one year now.

Clients have continued to navigate through COVID-19 and the ever changing schedules of online versus in person. I have been pleased to have spaces that have always allowed for safe distancing as I’ve continued in person sessions for anyone who wanted that. This has been something I found to be valuable as so many were dealing with isolation, which is even more challenging when coping with depression and anxiety.

I was able to schedule a women’s retreat again in Florence, which had been put on hold with the pandemic and the group enjoyed rock hunting, rock painting, journaling, vision boards, and time in a hot tub. Psy enjoyed his first time at the coast with his friend Sugar.

As we close out 2022 I like to reflect on the growth and challenges of the year as well as the lessons that can shape the goals of the next year. Truly thankful to be able to work in a field I feel very passionately about and know is essential. Counseling takes bravery, honesty, commitment, perseverance, and it is not always comfortable. We thank each of you who have come in as you are and we want to wish you all a safe holiday season! With gratitude, Sully, Psy, & Jasmine

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