9 Years Later

Today I was adding some resources to my website and as I was looking at the date realized I’m sitting in the middle of my anniversary month. Nine years ago Ignite, LLC opened its doors on Country Club Road in Eugene to my first set of clients. Here I am, having moved offices twice since enjoying the first day of fall with cooler sunny days. Appreciating a break from the smoke from Oregon fires and loving that I’m able to do this work full time the last two years.

September 2013 I was working at the local hospital as a medical social work and seeing clients evenings and Saturdays. I now offer appointments during the week both in person and via telehealth. My office is only a block from the Eugene Public Library, decorated with 1000 paper cranes is home to the kitty therapist Sully and visits from therapy pup Psy. Over thirty percent of my counseling practice is supporting teens and their families and folks have the opportunity to try EMDR (Eye Movement and Reprocessing Therapy) and brainspotting treatment. I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge that can assist in healing.

Sully, Kitty Therapist

Nine years ago I really had never fully imagined what a pandemic might look like other than what I might have seen in the movies. When I went full time January 2020 we were only just starting to hear about the first cases of COVID-19 reaching America. While there are been so many ill effects of this pandemic a positive is that counseling is less stigmatized. This summer Psy and I were at our dog training class at a local pet store and one of my teens was shopping with her friends and exclaimed excitedly, “This is my counselor!” She was smiling widely introducing me to her friends, something I could never have imagined doing when I was seeing my counselor in 8th grade. I love that there was nothing holding her back from claiming a resource that millions utilize, and that made me proud. Thank you to all my current and past clients, for working with me – it has been a true honor.

Psy, Graduation Day
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