Igniting Hope – Inocente Izucar

Inocente IzucarInocente Izucar’s life was documented in a film for which she earned an Oscar.  She moved over 30 times in 9 years as a child with her mom and three brothers, and her father was deported back to Mexico for domestic abuse.  Inocente is also an artist, living in San Diego and was found at the age of 15 and featured in the documentary.  She was found because of a non-profit organization called ARTS: A Reason to Survive, which provides therapeutic arts and education, and college and career preparation for young people dealing with homelessness, domestic violence, illness and other major life challenges.  Inocente started going there when she was 12 years old.

The documentary, titled “Inocente,” follows her as she completes 30 pieces of art in three months for an annual art show.  This young woman, now 19, has a website where she can sell her art.

"The Lost Planet 2013"
“The Lost Planet 2013” by Inocente Izucar

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