Letting go of Anger; Finding Hope Again

I have had the privilege of following a young man at the hospital whom I met when he first arrived.  With a history of suicide attempts — with two just in the past month — he came to us after a really life-changing experience.  While I cannot disclose the details of these events I can say that he’s had to learn how to walk again, and his life will never be the same.

One great honor was to be able to see him at discharge almost a month after his arrival at the hospital!  He came to my office with a sparkle in his eyes, a great new plan for a new home, and an optimism that did not exist when I first met him.  He told me he’s let go of his anger and let his father back into his life, and somehow this event has changed his outlook.  Two days later his mom told me, teary eyed, that this guy was sad and nervous to go home and also sad to say goodbye to such nice people.

I feel so blessed to be part of his healing journey, to get to see the other side of a recovery path and watch his strides towards being a healthier and happier being.  I share this story because I hope it illustrates the benefits of letting go of anger, which can darken and dominate a person’s life.  And by letting go of anger, healing can begin.

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