Igniting Hope – A Personal Challenge

I am going to challenge myself to find a story about a real person in the world that I feel has overcome challenging circumstances. I will highlight this person in my monthly email update. I have studied the negative effects of reading the news online, in print, or on television due to the focus on crime, violence, and other negative human behaviors. I hope by focusing on real people who are doing something positive, perhaps I can counteract the negative effects of too much news exposure.

Let me introduce you to Operation Fly. This non-profit organization was started by Timothy Hwang and Minsoo Han when they were in high school. In an effort to address the growing poverty rate in Washington, DC, their organization serves disadvantaged inner city populations across the U.S. by coordinating events for the homeless, as well as programs for underprivileged students. They’ve held picnics to raise money for the organization, book drives to collect books for shelters, meal preparations for several communities in need, clothing drives, and much more. These two young men have organized over 800 volunteers in their efforts.

Visit Operationfly.org to read more.

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