Pets, Loss and Teen Grief


*This blog post was first published February 26th, 2009 when I worked for The Prevention Researcher.   This September they will be publishing their final issue.  I’ve decided that I need to add some of these posts here, edit and use some of  my old photography and keep the content online.

A few weeks ago, I was called home because our youngest dog, Ming, had a seizure. Having never witnessed a dog having seizures before, we were quite alarmed and immediately called the vet to get information about what to do. The next week, when Ming and I saw the vet for a follow-up appointment, I was given literature about seizures in dogs.  Going through this process with Ming, I was taken back to my teen years when my dog, Bella, had hip dysplasia. I decided at 17 years of age that it was time to put her to…

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