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Ignite has been busy as the Apocalyptica Chromatics Card Deck Kickstarter succeeded so March has been a month full of filling orders for over 600 people and many trips to the post office!

I’ve also been wrapping up my last semester at graduate school, with less than a month of classes left I’m back to the crossroads – looking deeply at what my goals, passions, and what’s next?  This week I’ve had the opportunity to engage some coaching skills – helping a friend of mine meet her physical health goals.  She’s great at setting goals, but needed someone to hold her accountable.

Being the school geeks we are, I thought- why not create a special class just for her?  This means I built a tiny simplified curriculum, gave her due dates to check in with me where she has to write up her progress and then I provide her with feedback.

What I’ve realized doing this is that sometimes we can get so stuck.  For one, while the ultimate goal is to help her lose weight, what also needs to happen is for her to re-engage with her mind and spirit too (Deepak Chopra & Oprah right now are talking about this with a free meditation course they are providing).  Something I’m in the process of doing right now too; I get back to this place thinking – again?  How did I get stuck in these patterns again?  Back to writing in my journal, taking photos, calling my wider support system, working out, and eating healthier.

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