Review of The Large Rock and the Little Yew

The Large Rock and the Little Yew by Gregory Ahlijian is a children’s story about the plight and determination of a little yew tree whose life began with the need to find sunlight.  Despite a large rock’s angry complaints, the little yew tree continues to believe in its unique place in life, knowing it will grow strong and would be valuable to the creatures of the wild.  In the end, the little yew and the large rock both understand that they will have to learn to coexist with one another and because of this decision; their fame grows in Wakehurst, United Kingdom.  The metaphorical story here, illustrates the less than ideal environments that many children grow up in, and that through their strength and determination they can achieve their life dreams.  This short story is beautifully illustrated and 100% of the proceeds for the sale of this book go to Jasper Mountain, a nonprofit specialized mental health facility in Oregon that is dedicated to providing young children intensive therapy to help them overcome trauma and abuse.  To purchase the book for $17.95, visit here.

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  1. An outstanding story by an Author who has a heart for those who need a special touch in their lives! I highly recommend this wonderful book to anyone wishing to give a very special gift that has a very special benefit to those who need it most. Those of us who personally know the author are singularly blessed just knowing this man. You cannot make a better investment or give a better gift.

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